Since when you started using Instagram, did you find any of its purpose to exist other than posting Instgraammable pictures? 

But now, Instagram has found its way to the corporate world. It can be clearly seen how hundreds and thousands of brands are running after this one app to make a name. It’s not only a matter of gaining wealth and fame, however. One should focus more on cultivating a strong relationship with the individuals in the society.

With over a billion active users on Instagram every month, it’s a pity if you can’t manage to develop a strong fan following and engagement on your video content. Though buying Instagram reels views is one of the available solutions and you can even find some best sites to buy Instagram reels views online. However, it will not be regarded as a true solution. Developing your audience and boosting engagement by organic means should only be encouraged. These methods can bring you temporary benefits which may also not be satisfactory enough. But if you want to reap the fruits in long term, you should work more diligently. 

If you have also made up your mind to bring more genuine Instagram profiles following you, we are sharing a few tips to help.

The Parameters for Measuring Engagement Rate

By tracking the following activities on your Instagram account, Instagram analytics conclude your engagement rate:









Posting Carousel

Carousels are Instagram posts having multiple images. By adding carousels to your video content, you can make it more informative, short, and attractive. It helps give viewers a big picture to look at, at once without clustering the video with many slides. 

Try Posting Raw Content

Your videos shouldn’t always be highly or perfectly edited to grab someone’s attention. You can do this by keeping it closer to reality, avoiding adding too many effects to overshadow the element of authenticity. There are several video editing apps, both free and paid which you can try. But remember to intact its authenticity too. 

Go Live Often

If you are rarely going for live streaming on your Instagram, you should know that many people want their favorite brands to come live often so they can have a fair chit-chat with the owners. Because it apparently builds their confidence in your brand and they become more enthusiastic to show engagement. 

Use Call to Actions

This one is the simplest of all tactics to compel your audience to engage in the videos. However, you should not make it obvious that the audience soon find out it as a deliberate attempt to get more and more comments. There are multiple ways such as you can ask your followers a genuine question, a piece of advice, or recommendations to help you with choosing something. 

Post On The Right Time

There is no rocket science to understand why posting at the right time is important to boost engagement in your Instagram videos. If you share a video at a certain time when not even 50% of your audience is active, you will surely not be able to get enough engagement. Hence, posting when your audience can show maximum engagement is quite important. 

Make Your Presence Count By Being Consistent

Consistent posting on Instagram is of paramount importance because all your efforts will go in vain if the post you have shared couldn’t make it up to several people before going down. You know millions of people are using Instagram and posting multiple posts a day to emphasize their existence on social media. Therefore, you also need to remain consistent in posting on Instagram. 

Final Thoughts

When you successfully manage to have a high engagement rate, the Instagram algorithm will start looking at your content as something valuable and worthy to share. Soon, your videos will appear more frequently in the individuals’ news feeds and even get featured on the explorer page. 

As we have provided you with a few useful tips, see if they work.